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For Freight Pickup Call
Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, Chicago, and Rockford Phone: 800-236-0301 FAX: 920-722-6285
Minnesota Phone: 800-236-0350 FAX: 715-684-3846
Iowa and Central Illinois Phone: 800-889-5755 FAX: 563-285-2578
All Other Regions / Nationwide Phone: 800-236-3230 Web: NMNationwide.com
Expedited Shipments Phone: 877-720-3360 Web: NMExpedited.com
General Office Phone: 800-236-4463
Our Services:
We offer direct-delivery to thousands of areas.
If you would like to check our service to a specific area, please enter a zip code:

Direct Overnight Service

We offer direct overnight service to all points in Wisconsin, Michigan's Upper Peninsula, the Chicago/Rockford commercial zone, Central Illinois, the major markets in Minnesota, Eastern Iowa, Indiana, and Southwest Michigan!

Nationwide LTL and Truckload

We offer LTL and Truckload delivery to all points in the U.S. and Canada with our Nationwide division. Visit www.nmnationwide.com today to request a quote!

For Customer Service Please Call: 800-236-0301