N&M Transfer Co, Inc. - Customer Service Representatives

Billing Clerks

Division: Administration
Department: Billing
Reports To: Billing Supervisor

General Summary
Assist and satisfy customers in multiple areas to keep service quality at high levels.

Job Functions and Responsibilities

  1. Enter bills of lading into the system.
  2. Prepare batches for scanning.
  3. Flag and enter bills containing COD and Driver Collect information.
  4. Flag and enter bills containing hazardous information.
  5. Prepare driver faxes and Baldwin bills for scanning.
  6. Create batches of bills and fill in information on batch tickets.
  7. Complete additional duties as requested by supervisor.

Working Conditions

  • Environment - Office.
  • Hours of work - Full-time days plus required overtime.

Physical Demands

  1. Sitting (70%)
  2. Walking (20%)
  3. Standing
  4. Speaking (10%)
  5. Hearing
  6. Seeing
  7. Lifting/Carrying
  8. Light Reaching/Stretching
  9. Handling/Fingering

Employment/Selection Criteria

  1. Company provided haz/mat training.
  2. Good typing skills.
  3. Good comprehension skills.
  4. Good communication skills.

For Assistance Please Call: 1-800-236-4463