N&M Transfer Co, Inc. - Third Shift

Third Shift Forklift Operator

Division: Operations
Department: Night Dock
Reports To: Night Dock Operations Manager and/or Dock Foreperson

General Summary
Unload and assist in reloading freight properly maintaining schedules to ensure on-time delivery.

Job Functions and Responsibilities

  1. Pick and sort orders for loading.
  2. Unload freight by hand or using dolly or forklift, properly mark dock locations on freight and stage freight in proper dock location.
  3. Sort through mixed pallets with 2 or more orders.
  4. Wrap freight securely to prevent damage.
  5. Back up loader position as needed (see Loader job description).
  6. Handle all hazardous materials in a safe and efficient manner, including securing hazardous materials to the pallets. Immediately report any spills to foreperson.
  7. Apply 4-star truck restraints before unloading trailer.
  8. Practice and adhere to all safety procedures.
  9. Report all overages, shortages, damages and problems to supervisor and/or foreperson.
  10. Clean out trailers and secure loose nails and boards.
  11. Clean dock as necessary.
  12. Inspect forklift for safe operation and report maintenance problems to foreperson.

Working Conditions

  • Environment - Dock environment, variable temperatures comparable to outside temperatures. Slightly heated dock. Heated and/or air conditioned break room.
  • Hours of work - Full-time evenings, work 8-12 hour shift, plus required overtime.

Physical Demands

  1. Standing (Varies)
  2. Walking (Varies)
  3. Sitting (Varies)
  4. Lifting/Carrying (over 50 lbs, Very Heavy)
  5. Pushing/Pulling
  6. Climbing
  7. Stooping/Kneeling/Crouching
  8. Crawling
  9. Reaching/Stretching
  10. Handling/Grasping
  11. Speaking
  12. Hearing
  13. Seeing
  14. Smelling
  15. Depth perception

Forklift certification (company issued).

Employment/Selection Criteria

  1. High School Diploma or equivalent.
  2. Previous forklift experience.
  3. Honesty and integrity.
  4. Good basic math skills.
  5. Previous warehouse/dock experience preferred.
  6. Hazardous Materials Training (company provided).
  7. Good work ethic.

For Assistance Please Call: 1-800-236-4463